Some examples of ongoing or recent project and study activities are:

  • Development of Measurement Tools and Procedures based on ICAO requirements to investigate the Impact of Jammers on GPS receivers in Civil Aviation.

  • German Armed Forces / futurePALS, ZUMILS and JAM R&D Studies to investigate future military Precision Approach and Landing Systems.

  • European GNSS Agency (GSA) / Mobnet Consortium / MobnetMobnet logo

  • German Air Navigation Services (DFS) / Independent GBAS Monitor

  • German Aerospace Agency (DLR) / GalTeC (Galileo Technology Center)

  • Galileo Joint Undertaking (GJU) / GALILEA (GALIeo Local Element Augmentation) – see GALILEA project

  • ESA / Galileo Definition Phase / Integrity

  • EC / Galilei / Galileo User Terminal / Local Elements Differential Algorithms

  • EUROCONTROL / Ground Based Augmentation System – Modular Analysis and Research System

NavPos Systems also focuses on the following major inhouse development activities:

  • Further development of GLS202x GBAS Base and Independent GBAS Monitor towards dual-frequency and dual/multi-constellation GNSS.

  • GNSS monitoring and data processing software

  • Interference, Jamming and Spoofing Detection

NavPos Systems offers project support in satellite navigation to companies and institutions in form of

  • Systems development

  • Systems analysis, design and engineering activities

  • Software development

  • GNSS Service Volume Simulation with AVIGA (Analysis of Accuracy, Visibility, Integrity, Geometry, Availability)