• Blomenhofer E., Gu X., Dunkel W.:
    GPS/Galileo Performance Assessment for Aircraft Precision Approach.
    European Journal of Navigation, Volume 5, Number 5, November 2007.
    For download click here – 2.3 MByte

  • Ehret W., Su H., Glaser O., Blomenhofer H., Blomenhofer E.:
    Independent validation of Galileo global and regional integrity performance using GalTeC.
    Paper presented at ENC-GNSS-2006, Manchester, UK, 7-10 May 2006.
    For download click here – 1 MByte

  • Blomenhofer H., Ehret W., Su H., Blomenhofer E.:
    Sensitivity Analysis of the Galileo Integrity Performance Dependent on the Ground Sensor Station Network
    Proceedings of ION-GNSS-2005, Long Beach, CA., Sept. 13-16, 2005.
    For download click here – 1.6 MByte

  • Blomenhofer H., Ehret W., Blomenhofer E.:
    Investigation of the GNSS/Galileo Integrity Performance for Safety of Life Applications.
    Proceedings of ENC-GNSS-2005, Munich, Germany, 19-22 July 2005.
    For download click here – 2 MByte

  • Blomenhofer H., Ehret W., Leonard A., Blomenhofer E.:
    GNSS/Galileo Global and Regional Integrity Performance Analysis.
    Proceedings of ION-GNSS-2004, Long Beach, CA., Sept. 21-24, 2004.
    For download click here – 1.7 MByte

  • Blomenhofer H., Ehret W., Blomenhofer E.:
    Performance Analysis of GNSS Global and Regional Integrity Concepts.
    Proceedings of ION-GNSS-2003, Portland, ORE., Sept. 9-12, 2003.
    For download click here – 0.5 MByte

  • Blomenhofer E.:
    NavPos Systems Schlussbericht zum Galileo Technology Center (GalTeC) Vorhaben FKZ 50NA0506.
    GalTeC Project Final Report.
    The GalTeC Project was funded by the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology under the number FKZ 50NA0506. The author is responsible for the contents of this publication.
    For download click here – 0.2 MByte

  • Blomenhofer E.:
    MOBNET Presentation to Inachus Group
    Presentation of MOBile NETwork for people’s location in natural and man-made disasters to Inachus Group.
    For download click here – 3.5 MByte

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