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GLS202x is an experimental GBAS ground station that generates an ICAO compatible signal-in-space which meets the performance of GBAS Approach Service Type GAST-C (CAT-I precision approach) and supports MT1, MT2 and MT4.

  • GLS202x GBAS Base being setup at an airport provides a reliable pre-operational environment for test purposes.
  • GLS202x GBAS Base Core Unit can be used as laboratory test equipment e.g. during development, test and validation of airborne GBAS receivers and MMR/GLS equipment.
  • GLS202x experimental base station operation provides detailed and inside views to data and processing performance.
  • Useful for GBAS/VDB site selection and VDB Transmitter SIS coverage testing.
  • Provision of remote access to users by web services. Users can download the raw data for further analysis and research.
  • Suitable for ATM/ATC personnel training and teaching to support quick learning of GBAS features and operational capabilities and to gather GBAS experience. Certified operational GBAS ground systems are “black-box” systems which do not provide access to the raw data nor inside views to processing performances.
  • Low cost compared with certified GBAS ground stations
  • Upgradeable to GAST-D / MT11

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