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The GalTec project has the aim to develop a Galileo Technology Center by Thales ATM in cooperation with NavPos.

Based on the Galileo Services there will arise various downstream applications and value added services on global, regional and local levels. It is expected that along with these services there will also arise the need to get Galileo service performance information and analysis.

The GalTeC context
The GalTeC context

Thales and NavPos have started an initiative, supported by the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), to develop a suitable tool to satisfy these needs and to support the introduction of Galileo world wide. This development is called GalTeC - Galileo Technology Centre and will be one of the downstream Galileo Service Centres.


Objectives and Features

GalTeC is based on four main functionalities:

  • Measurement of GNSS (GPS and Galileo) Observations

    • Monitoring Galileo system performance from independent user stations (Galileo receivers) deployed over Germany /Europe

    • Interface to international GNSS service like IGS and air control service like DFS to exchange data and information

  • Prediction and Service Volume Simulation of the GNSS performance

    • Performance analysis of past, current or future constellations using service volume simulation prediction based on constellation parameters like Almanacs

    • Consultancy for commercial service providers for their access to the system, dimensioning of their service and prediction of the service performance

  • Determination of a highly accurate reference of the GNSS performance in post processing

    • Provision of highly precise satellite ephemeris (orbit and clock parameters) – for a posteriori assessment of GNSS system performance

    • Independent SIS performance evaluation service covering the past and current system status of Galileo, SBAS, GPS, GLONASS

    • Trouble shooting in system and user domains

    • Performance analysis and verification in user domain (GNSS receivers, air traffic and marine traffic applications etc.)

  • Analysis of the GNSS performance and generation of products

    • Independent calibration of the major Galileo/GNSS system parameters (satellite force models, satellite clock models, propagation models, processing models etc.)

    • Provision of the GalTeC products, orbit, clock, Galileo/GNSS ephemeris, raw observation

The GalTeC project has its own web site at:

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